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Molasses, Roxbury Pound, Ryan Barber & The Riches, Julius Caesar V. Seattle funk band Molasses describe themselves as "a horny, funk, dance, soul, rock band that held its own during the days of Seattle Grunge. , The quartet says fuck you to misogyny in “Boys with Bruises,” disavows pet names in “Not Yr Sweetheart,” and imagines the internal life of a jock in “Jock Tears. I’ve heard that the band is super smiley onstage, preferring not to be “detached and cool,” but to bring everyone in the fun. ” Most of their songs clock in under two minutes, which is, obviously, punk as fuck. "Cult-classic road machine" Max Hay promises a truly diverse array of genres in one set, including "reggae, Irish, country, and blues rhythms mixed with soulful bass vocals and sailing harmonica leads. " They'll be joined this evening

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